One Moment Ministry – created by Marilyn & Deborah who take their creative sewing moments to make every day a blessing for others by the gifts of their hands.


We want to bless others. Sewing has created a usefulness whereby we enjoy making items to assist people in need. Especially those with health concerns like Delirium, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, ADD, Autism, brain injuries due to trauma. We want to reach out to the needs of children, seniors or anyone suffering with agitation in their lives, those in hospital, in a home care setting. Our products include several items that we have created and will continue to design with our imaginative creations.

What do we make……

Please refer to our Heading tags above to learn more. To see products we have made, please open the Gallery tag on the right…..we will custom any item to your need/material/textures and even with pictures printed onto fabric.

Fidget Cozya delightful piece of creativity, beauty, stimulation that keeps busy, fidgety hands quiet for “One Moment”. Part of suffering from trauma is feeling agitated and anxious, the Fidget Cozy acts a hands-on outlet bringing joy in a struggling day.

Lap Cozy sitting in a wheelchair, travelling or even just resting at home in a comfort chair can bring chills, restlessness, anxiety. The Lap Cozy is a beautiful “One Moment” item of comfort and fun. Each cozy fits over the lap area but it’s surprise is the handy pocket, filled with surprises to tinker with and keep busy hands active.

Bib CozyBeing a person of trauma is one thing but spilling, dribbling is upsetting and embarrassing. Our Bib Cozy will bring fun, dignity and a quick resolve to those “One Moment” issues in life.

Panel Tote – Have you ever been in the hospital and couldn’t get your glasses, phone, magazine because it was out of reach or had fallen on the floor! Well, we have and this is a great answer for that need, also great for anyone in a wheelchair or who uses a walker. The Panel Tote hangs over the edge of the frame with lift up flaps allowing access to bed controls if necessary.

Pricing We will donate any item to people in need and we do accept donations to cover our material costs. We do ask that you cover all costs of packing and shipping and this can be quoted to you prior to shipping.

Why – We believe in you! and we know that all needs will be met, in abundance because we share Love, Hope, Joy.

1 Peter 5:5-7
....Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you